Vibration sieve& mixer

  • EYH Type two dimentional mixing machine

    这台机器使欧宝体育app下载链接用in the medicine extensively, such trades as chemical industry, food, dyestuffs, fodder, chemical fertilizer, agriculture chemical,etc. are especially suitable for the large tonnage (1000L-10000L ) of different firm looks supplies to mix.


    It is widely used for sieving raw material continuously in pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, foodstuff industry and so on. 1-4 layer of sieve can be installed in accordance with the requirement of customer.

  • 欧宝手机

    The machine is used for mixing the powder state and grain state materials to achieve high uniformity in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, light-industry, electronic, mechanical, metallurgical, nation defense industries and other science and technology institutes.

  • V Type powder mixer

    The mixer is used for mixing the dry powders in the medical, chemical, food, metallurgical and other industries.

  • WLDH series Gluttered mixer

    WLDH type mixer is widely used for mixing powder or wet raw materials and can make the main and auxiliary raw materials with different proportion uniform. The places where contact the raw materials are made of stainless steel.

  • ZS Series circular vibrating sieve

    ZS series vibration sieve is suitable for in line production. It is an ideal device for granule that has uneven size to sieve continuously.