XSG Series high speed rotating flash evaporation drying machine

XSG Series high speed rotating flash evaporation drying machine

Organic compounds;Inorganic compounds;Foodstuff;Cellulose.

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Organic compounds: atrazine( onsecticde of agrochemicals), cadmium laurate, benzoic acid, germicide, sodium axalate, cellulose acetate and so on.

Dyestuff: anthraquinone, black ferric oxide, indigo blue pigment, butyric acid, titanium hydroxide, zinc sulfuration, all kinds of intermediate of azo dye-stuff.

无机化合物:硼砂、碳酸钙、海德拉巴roxide, copper sulphide, ferric oxide, barium carbonate, antimony tnoxide, all kinds of metallic hydroxide, kinds of heavy metallic salet, synthetic cryolite and so on.

Foodstuff: soya protein, agglomerative starch, less, triticin, wheat starch and so on.Cellulose: HPMC ( hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose), microcrystalline cellulose.


闪蒸干燥机,模型成功德veloped in 1970. At that time, in order to solve drying for the chemical industry high viscosity, paste materials, the crystallization moisture of the product, mud and sludge cake. This model for drying the above material plays on its unique performance. In subsequent decades, through scholars and enterprises constantly updated, it has reached a perfect level to design and manufacture at our company. We have the ability, confidence, interested in research and development flash dryer at the application and popularization of the various industries.


Cold air is sent to the air heater through the air filtered by fan. The heated air entry to the bottom of drying tower as appropriate wind speed, and (installed in the drying tower up) wet materials through spiral feeder which produced a strong shear cutting, blowing floating, rotating, crush(external mechanical force) and so on. This process will be that air transfer heat and separated with materials, taken away by air. The air is also reduced because the heat transferred. It used cyclone separation and high-voltage pulse bag filter to separate products and air, exhaust emissions away by the suction fan.

1 Product moisture can be controlled through adjusted parameters and equipment’s structure, meet the majority dry materials, the scope of application is large.

2 Materials were highly decentralized state by the hot air and outside mechanical shear, collisions, broken, centrifugal effects, increased the surface area. Evaporation volume is high intensity, small equipment, and large scale production.

3 Material in the dryer stay within a short time, material drying process is not warming, also adapted to dry heat-sensitive materials.

4 Equipment structure can be adjusted to meet product fineness requirements.

5 Compared with similar drying equipment, this model has high thermal efficiency ( some material drying, the thermal efficiency can be achieved 75%)

Product technical parameter: